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  • ORGANIC BEET JUICE : 90% freshly pressed pure beet juice with 10% organic apple juice added to smoothen beetroot’s naturally earthy taste, making a delicious surprisingly sweet and ideal breakfast juice. Try it also in a morning smoothie or breakfast bowl. Made with 100% organic beet roots
  • FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE :Beetroot juice is known to support healthy lifestyle.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Our Beet It juice has been used in over 200 independent research studies across the world.
  • PACKED WITH ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: Beet it Beet juice drink is made with real beets not with beet powder. It is great sources of potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants. These nutrients are not absorbed as effectively through Beet root powder as through Beet Juice.
  • AWARD WINNING GREAT TASTE – Beet It is a lacto- fermented beet juice – this explain why it tastes smoother and better than most other beet juices which have added lemon juice or citric acid. This fermentation process is similar to that used in such super foods as Kefir and other pro-biotic foods.

Details: The neglected beet juice has made a comeback in recent years after consumers started rediscovering the many health benefits of this delicious deep purple juice. For almost 15 years, we have been pressing our organic Beet It juice straight from carefully picked beets. We then blend the pure beet juice with 10% organic apple juice to smoothen the earthy aftertaste. Not from concentrate, it makes for a delicious and surprisingly sweet breakfast drink and can be added to your morning smoothies or breakfast bowls. The main reason why people love beet juice is because it contains dietary nitrate, proven to lower blood pressure. Our Beet It juice has also been used in over 200 worldwide medical and sports performance studies on nitrate supplementation, which has been associated with stamina increase and sport performance boost.

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