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Don’t be misled by beetroot products not declaring their nitrate content.

Don’t be misled by beetroot products not declaring their nitrate content.

Whether you are new to dietary nitrate supplementation or have been using beetroot juice to increase your sporting performances for a while now, don’t be fooled by the many new sports nutrition products making all sorts of wild claims and do your research properly.

Speaking to Nutra Ingredients, Jonathan Cartwright, Beet It Sport Brand Manager declared: ‘Athletes are being misled by beetroot products that are not labelled with their nitrate content, or by beetroot products that do not provide an adequate dose of nitrate per serving’. According to him, many beetroot drinks and supplements actually contain less than the 300mg dose of nitrate recommended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This was reported in a 2008 study by Edgar J. Gallardo and Andrew R. Coggan.

This variance is not only explained by the raw material used but also comes down to how beetroots are processed and transformed during the manufacturing stage. Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director at Beet It Sport explained this further: ‘Beetroots have highly variable nitrate content and unless you try very hard – as we do- to ensure the beetroot juice is highly concentrated in a way to protect the nitrate – there is likely to be little there a consumer would need 293 pills of one particular product to get the nitrate equivalent of one of our Beet It Shots’.

Backed by over 220 published medical and sports performance research papers worldwide, Beet It Sport is the only beetroot juice brand that delivers a consistent, adequate dose of dietary nitrate per serving and is trusted by the worlds sporting elite.

In December, Beet It Sport won Best Sports Drinks and Best Pre-Workout Product at the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance Awards.

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