Beet It Sport

Beet your personal best!

Beet It Sport is the only beet juice brand that delivers 400mg of natural nitrate per shot, which is the ideal amount to improve exercise performance. Our Beet It Sport shots deliver a consistent dose of natural nitrate, shot after shot, which is why they are the clinical standard, used in over 300 studies worldwide.

There is a reason why 12 NFL teams and numerous NCAA Athletic Departments are utilizing Beet It Sport in their training. It is because Beet It Sport is an all-natural, 2 ingredient supercharger that is the highest nitrate beet juice supplement available!”. Each 2.4oz shot contains 400mg dietary nitrate – consistently delivering more nitrate than any competing products, an all natural, plant-based game changer!

Give yourself no excuses...

Beets are naturally rich in a molecule called nitrate, which is ultimately converted to nitric oxide in the body, 90 minutes after consumption. Nitric oxide is well-known to help regulate blood pressure and enhance blood flow and oxygen supply to the working muscles, which helps to boost stamina. At least 400mg of nitrate is needed to increase nitric oxide enough to improve exercise performance, which is why every 2.4oz shot provides 400mg of nitrate.

Nitrate is available in many green leafy vegetables, but in very small and unreliable amounts. The below graph illustrates just how much bulky vegetables on average you would need to consume in order to achieve the ideal 400mg of nitrate – you would not want to eat 9 bulky portions of curly kale just before exercise! Our concentrated beet juice shots are a convenient and reliable way of getting 400mg of nitrate from naturally from beets.