April ambassador

Jake ‘Ultra’ Exotic Jake is an ultra-trail athlete based in Colorado, known amongst his 30K followers on Instagram for taking on extreme distances in vibrant, eye-catching clothing. Jake has been […]

March US ambassador

Alejandra Alonso Alejandra Alonso is from Paraguay, South America and currently based in Miami, USA. She has been rowing for over 10 years and competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games […]

February US ambassador

How did you get involved in swimming? I first started swimming at a young age, learning how to as every child does. After a few years of I was offered […]

July ambassador

Kendall Chase How did you get involved in rowing? I started rowing my junior year of high school after one of my soccer teammate’s parents told me I had a […]

April ambassador

Kim Conley Kim is a professional runner living and training in Flagstaff, AZ and has represented the United States eight times, including at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games – […]

February ambassador

James Fleming James Fleming BSc MSc is a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, registered on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr). He has experience working with a range of athletes […]

Can you Beet the common cold?

January and its cold temperatures has truly settled in and with the current situation here in the UK, it’s absolutely normal to experience periods of stress! If you didn’t know […]

Resistance training gets a nitrate boost

New research, independently conducted by Samford University in Alabama, indicates that a concentrated beetroot juice shot could be the key to improving strength and resistance training. This pivotal research* is […]

January ambassador

Ryan Williams Ryan Williams is an Australian professional footballer who plays for Portsmouth FC as a Midfielder. In 2019, Ryan won his first senior cap for Australia national team against […]

Don’t be misled by beetroot products not declaring their nitrate content.

Whether you are new to dietary nitrate supplementation or have been using beetroot juice to increase your sporting performances for a while now, don’t be fooled by the many new […]