November ambassador

Pawal Celinski

Pawal lives in North Yorkshire and is a GB Team British Triathlete who has competed at the Ironman World Championships. Pawal has been using Beet It Sport products for over 2 years and is passionate about the evidence-based benefits of the products

Pawal has always liked difficult challenges, so when he started training triathlon, he knew that he would like to face a hellish one. He gave myself 3 years to prepare for it. During this time, he was supported by my family which allowed him to complete an Ironman and qualify for the Ironman World Age Group Championship.

Describe why you do Ironman in three words.


How many races have you completed, and which were your favourite?

I did 15 races. My favourite one was AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds 2019 – it is one of the most important races in UK, Leeds triathlon it is one of world triathlon series so all best professional athletes racing there after age group people! Race finish in the middle Leeds city. Atmosphere is amazing!

Which race has been your greatest challenge?

Ironman Bolton 2019 again J. It was the greatest due to extreme bike course. Course was very hilly! A lot of athletes have not completed it because of this reason. After this race my dream became true!

What motivates you to take on an Ironman?

My daughters! I want to show them what is possible if you work hard and that I can be a better version of myself. Whilst they make me feel like I am their superhero!

What do you typically eat before, during and after an Ironman?

Porridge and toast plus coffee for breakfast. Energy bars, energy gels, Beet It SHOTS, Isotonic, water and bananas during race. Protein shake, pizza J after race plus Beet It juice.

Where in the world would you most like to race and why?

  I would like to qualify for Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii. This is the biggest, greatest most important Ironman race in the World! Kona is home of Ironman and all best athletes race there.

What tips do you have for a triathlete who is considering doing their first Ironman?

Have a reliable target, have a coach and training plan, have a healthy diet, sleep well, be positive person, meditate! Then Ironman became yours lifestyle.

Describe your perfect weekend.

Day out with my family and dog – full of love, fun and relax ideally in nature. An adventure trip to mountains, lakes or see side would be the greatest.  To visit places where you have not been before. To try new/local food.

How has Beet It Sport helped your training and/or competitions?

Beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world! It contains a whole range of ingredients that are missing in the daily diet. There are only few products of such high quality and naturalness as Beet It products. I found Beet It juice as it is perfect for long-distance effort. It helps to detoxify the blood plus it is perfect to supports the regeneration process and to lower the blood pressure. Thanks to that, my training becomes more effective and my body has faster regeneration. Most of the energy shots contain chemical substances or are obtained artificially. Beet It Sport offers the 100% natural energy shoots. I can’t imagine using anything else.