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March 2022 US ambassador

March 2022 US ambassador

Alejandra Alonso

Alejandra Alonso is from Paraguay, South America and currently based in Miami, USA. She has been rowing for over 10 years and competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 - her ambition is to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

'I recommend Beet It Sport because it is natural and makes me feel energetic and ready to perform. You can mix with your favorite post/pre workout – I love it!'


How did you get involved in rowing?

I got involved in rowing because of my father, who is a master rower. But I would say that the starter point was a training camp in Seville, spain. That actually help me realize that this is the lifestyle that I want.

What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

Wow! A good question, I would say in 2014 when I got to qualify for the Final A, and I placed 6°, at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. Was an amazing experience. And the most recent was to qualify for my own merits to the last Olympics games (tokyo 2020)

What are your sporting goals for 2022 and beyond?

Well, for the 2022 is kind of a slowdown the first semester of the year, because I have to finish my undergrade degree at Barry University, Miami. But at the same time is keep pushing and get the work done for the second semester of the year because we will have some importants events such as the South American Games and the qualification for the Pan American Games.

All this events are the preview for the Olympic qualification for Paris 2024

What are your other interests outside of sport?

I found very interesting invest time in myself, and at the same time when the time comes, I would like to still being involve in sport. In my free time, I spent time reading some books and still learning about this wonderful lifestyle that sport have give me and how can I spread this to the young population.

What tips do you have for those who are looking to get into competitive rowing?

Take your time, results doesn’t happen overnight. And always be willing to learn, because rowing is a long sport, and one thing that I have learned with rowing is, whatever you do, you have to do it with passion, never ever give up, doesn’t matter the result, as long as you are giving your best.

If you could choose any other sport, which would it be and why?

I would say cycling, because is like rowing, thus I have been rowing for long time the single, that means that everything depends on me. I cannot blame anybody for my performance but me.

Describe your perfect weekend.

For me, Sundays are sacred. Because is my day off (normally) depending of the program. But my perfect weekend is when I can take all the activities a little slow like breakfast and enjoying the moment.

What are your main reasons for recommending Beet It Sport?

I really recommend because you can feel that is natural. Does produce that “acid” feeling that I got to experience with other brands. And it make me feel very energetic, ready to perform.

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

Again, I would point out that the feeling of taking it, is very natural, is like you are drinking the beet juice, and you won’t experience that feeling of acidity in the stomach, plus you can mix with your favorite post or Pre workout bowl and do some dishes. I love it.

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