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February 2022 US ambassador

February 2022 US ambassador

How did you get involved in swimming?

I first started swimming at a young age, learning how to as every child does. After a few years of I was offered to join a competitive team in my home city of Edinburgh. After that, year-by-year I worked my way up the club until I was swimming 10 times a week and loving every second of it!

What is your favorite and least favorite part of swimming?

My favorite part about swimming has to be the feeling after a tough set. There’s nothing better than sitting there in full-body pain, completely dead, knowing that all the effort you just put in is going to make you faster, stronger, and better in the long-run. After a successful race, I look back to these times and am thankful for the absolute agony.

My least favorite part of swimming is the early morning practices – waking up at 5am to jump in a cold pool is never fun. Especially in New England Winter weather!

What is your greatest sporting achievement so far?

In 2018 & 2019 I won the 200m butterfly at the Scottish National Age Group Championships, adding a 400m Individual Medley win in 2019 as well. Being a national champion was a dream of mine since I first qualified for the Championships in 2014 aged 13. To be at the top of my age group in the country I grew up and trained in was something incredibly special to me, and continues to make me proud to this day.

What are your sporting goals for 2022 and beyond?

In 2022, I plan to set a school record in the 200-yards butterfly at the University of Massachusetts and medal at the Atlantic 10 Championships. After that, I will be looking at long-course meets to attend and hopefully swim best times in my events. This is my penultimate year swimming at UMass, however, I wish to continue to swim and compete after school – either in the US or home in Scotland.

What are your other interests outside of sport?

I enjoy playing video games with my teammates, I’m an avid reader, and I bike around campus a lot.

What tips do you have for those who are looking to get into competitive swimming?

Working hard is the simplest way to improve. Even if you feel you’re smaller, weaker, worse than your opponents or teammates, there’s nothing stopping you from working as hard or harder than them. Find something that you are particularly weak in and focus upon it every session – go to 10m off every wall, stick to a breathing pattern, engage your catch every stroke – with enough time and good focus, you’ll start to see improvements.

If you could choose any other sport, which would it be and why?

When I was growing up I really enjoyed sailing, I would love to be able to get out on the water more often and learn how to really optimize running a boat.

Describe your perfect weekend.

My perfect weekend would honestly start with 6am morning practice with a hard set that goes just right – hitting my times and feeling powerful in the water. After that, my team and I would go out for breakfast to ‘The Stables’ a local breakfast place that serves way-too-big portions. After that a bike ride around Amherst until lunch at home with my housemates and perhaps even a nap after the early start! In the evening, get together with the team and have some fun until late. Sunday would be a relaxed late start right into playing games with my housemates and maybe a movie to cap it all off.

What are your main reasons for recommending Beet It Sport?

The difference in my performances when using and not using Beet It Sport are day and night. Every best time at a major meet has been in-part a result of Beet It Sport and the boost it gives me in the water. I feel like I have more endurance and am able to maintain my speeds for much longer. Using Beet It Sport during practices also has a notable effect as I find I am more consistent and improve at a faster rate. I recommend using Beet It Sport to every single one of my teammates and now they all swear by it too.

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

Unlike beet powders, I like how easy Beet It Sport is to carry around and take, especially when running tight on time. I also think the taste is pretty good too!

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