September ambassador

Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte is a competitive distance runner who is currently training for her first Ultramarathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation after having two heart operations. She feels very lucky for not suffering from any problems anymore, but wants to help the foundation for those who are not as fortunate. On Beet It Sport, Charlotte says I use Beet it sport before my long runs, for about 4months now. I feel like I have the capacity to go harder/ longer, like I’m working more efficiently. It’s part of my long run ritual, never miss a pre run shot!

Charlotte has also shared her top 3 tips to anyone who recently started running:

• ‘Don’t worry about fancy kit. Start with what you have and what you’re comfortable running in then
you can build from there’.
• ‘Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Focus on what you are doing. Other people’s times/
distances are irrelevant to your goal so try not to let them psych you out.’
• ‘Don’t be afraid to stop if you need to. It does not mean failure!’