October ambassador

Cameron Gregory ‘Ring’

Cameron Ring is a semi-professional rugby player born in Northampton, who plays in France for AS Mâcon, who were Fédérale 1 (D4) Champions of France in the 2019/20 season. Cameron is qualified personal trainer and produces videos about training, nutrition and supplements and daily life on his YouTube (11.2k subscribers) and Instagram (@cameron_ring 4.6k followers).

“I have heard lots of positive feedback about beetroot juice and the health benefits that it comes with. It cannot be denied as it’s all backed up by scientifical evidence. I am excited to try it out and reap the benefits to help improve my performance and training.” – Cameron Ring

Want to know Cameron’s top tips for young aspiring rugby player? Check below:

1 – Enjoy your rugby, if you don’t enjoy it why are you playing it.

2 – Practice the basics. To this day I still practice the simple pop pass for example.

3 – There are many routes to the top, if one doesn’t go to plan it’s not the end. You don’t have to play for all these representative sides to “make it”.