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No matter how carefully you look, you won't find anything but natural goodness inside our Beet It products. We like to keep things simple and great tasting using only the best natural ingredients. All our products are GMO free and free of preservatives, colorings and flavourings. We are proud to be making these amazing products available to the US. The result... simply delicious!

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Be aware: Drinking beet juice may turn your urine pink; this is perfectly normal!

Beetroot tarte tatin

Beetroot Tarte Tatin

The Natural Pantry has come up with an awesome new tarte tatin recipe - using beetroot!

Sally at the Natural Panrty said, "It does seem that as we progress through the years we fall in love with beetroot, it has definitely crept up into my top three vegetables. No longer does it have to be that vinegary bitter version that we were all subjected to years ago. Slowly roasted, beetroot is a delicious soft, earthy vegetable, which combines here with flaky puff pastry and a maple syrup, thyme and lemon dressing to create a savoury tarte tatin to serve with a little salad and goats cheese for a wonderful lunch."

Read the full recipe on The Natural Pantry website.